Fifty Shades of … Porn or Fiction?

I have been contemplating this for a while. Should I blog? Shouldn’t I blog? Should I or shouldn’t I? Well, I guess I caved!

Fifty Shades of Grey. The latest sensation in fictional reading and read by millions of various ages and backgrounds. It has been Number 1 on the bestsellers list for 18 weeks. But what exactly is it about? Some may say romance, others suspense, other adult literature (which by the way is another way of camouflaging pornographic material). But what is it about such reading material that has people hooked (on Facebook, I have seen comments of both women and men readers. And why publicly admit that you have read such material when you are aware of the content thereof)? Is it the attraction and addiction of sex, of sexual submission or even the escape from traditional sexual relationships? Is it a trending fad that if not read then you’ve been left in the dark? Is it mere curiosity? Or is it just for the love of reading?

Let me be controversial to make a point. If I enter an adult store and rent a pornographic film, and then after watching it post it on Facebook and publicly state my impatience on getting to the next episode, I wonder how people would respond to that? Yet, we endorse the consuming of reading material that is filled with sexual material. You might say I have pushed the analogy too far, but then I’m sure anyone can cite the same reasons as above.

Now I understand that adult literature is a genre that has been around for a while, but does that make it acceptable? What message are we sending with regard to morality and sexuality? It’s also easy to say that you skip over the sexual materials and is merely following the story, but the story in itself is morally challenging. It’s a really rich guy who will stop at nothing to get what he wants and a girl who is starting out that wants more. When does too much become too much?

I think that the openness of reading these books, on Facebook, Twitter, and in public spaces, speaks much of where we as a society finds ourselves. The blurring of sexuality and sexual roles, the cheapening of sex and sexual encounters and the “for sale” of sex and ourselves have become too popular and freely available. There is no longer any sanctity in our sexuality and partners and the sorrowful part is that we are passing this lifestyle to our children who will inherit fifty shades of so much worse. When do we tell our girls and boys that money cannot buy you everything you want? Where do we draw the line when it comes to sexuality (pick up any popular magazine and I am sure you will find articles on promiscuity). As much as we want to pretty up promiscuity, selling your body eventually leads to selling your soul.

And in case you wondering, NO, I have not read it. I do not have to read every book to know if it’s good or bad.

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6 Replies to “Fifty Shades of … Porn or Fiction?”

  1. Oh I wrote about this book. I read it for a challenge because my friend said I could write a funny editorial, and I did. Do I think it cheapens sex or making love? No. Do I think that somehow it changes things for our children? No. Honestly sex is part of human nature. I make fun of sexual things every day. Mostly because I think we put too much power behind it. Sex is part of a strong relationship. It is how we are each born into this world. Why is it so feared.

    I often hear that this generation is worse than the last. That is not true either. People were having orgies in Biblical times. I am not claiming that was right, but it was what it was. We have to accept that sex is part of culture.

    Did you read the book? I ask because honestly, I would liken it to porn at all. It was poor writing about a sexual relationship. It surely wasn’t bow chica wow wow hot.


    1. Hi Rebecca

      Thanks for your response, the internet is great hey, otherwise I would not have the pleasure of conversing with you. And I also visited your site, you have quite a skill for writing.

      I think first things first, everyone comes from a certain perspective which is coloured by their choices they make in life. So you should understand that I write from the perspective of believer and follower of Jesus Christ, which I think would explain many of my opinions. This does not mean that I will force my opinion (which is usually is conceived by many when they hear a Christian opinion) on others (but I won’t hesitate to throw my opinion out there haha).

      So firstly, no, I haven’t read the book. It shouldn’t though give me less credibility to write about it. Might just give me less authority of the topic at hand.

      Secondly, yes I agree completely that sexuality and the abuse or misuse of it (orgies and the like) have been around since the beginning of time. And yes, because it is in the Bible doesn’t automatically make it right or good. It just gives a reflection of the depravity of misguidedness of people, and yes every generation has their own challenges and is no better off than the previous, hopefully we can help change that reality though, and preferably through good ethics and moralities (which I don’t believe this book promotes). Why would I make such a statement? Again, the opinion of a Christian.

      I agree that sex and sexuality is part of our culture because it is part of being human. We are sexual beings, an amazing thing that God has given and mind you, it was not just for procreation but also for enjoyment. But (because of my choices and opinion) it is to be exercised within the bounds of marriage, I don’t think a “strong relationship” qualifies though.

  2. Indeed. I am a Christian too. (What? with my site?) I am living breathing practicing Christian. In a very strange way, I was called to write my blog. I am not sure why yet but I did question it before I started. I knew I would get flack about it from fellow believers. I don’t answer to them though. I do this with reason and purpose. I reach thousands of viewers every day. Thousands in just two months.

    Sounds strange I know but you wanna know how many private emails and messages I get to talk about my faith. Guess how many people know I am a Christian even with what I write? More than most Christians would guess. I am not going to get into it further but I have to say, your response I respect. You may not get it or God may whisper to your heart about mine, but I know.

    The book has no power. Not good. Not bad. It just is. My calling, my talent, is to reach the world. Not be part of it but reach them. My faith is strong enough that I can read that book and not feel like I watch a porn but see words. I don’t judge that people have read it. I can relate to them from it.

    Interesting enough, I discouraged my sister from reading it because her faith journey is different. She struggles in this way. I felt compelled to call her one day. She told me she had resisted but saw it on sale and put it in her shopping cart. She started laughing and said that God made me call her. I knew something was up. Those whispers.

    If you feel called not to read it, then don’t. Just make sure not to admonish those that have or they won’t hear your message. From reading what you have to say in response to me, you sound like a person I would love to be friends with in life. We, brother and sisters in Christ, must stick together in love and understanding.

    I am guessing you are reading this and shaking your head, but truly know, I know. He has risen.


    1. Shaking my head? Not at all. Smiling actually 🙂 (I even put the smiley there to prove it). I wish I had the discipline to write as often as you do (maybe one day when I realise that I am not as busy as what I may I think I am).

      Well, consider us blogging buddies then, all the way from here in Cape Town!

      1. Aww great. 🙂 I am glad you’re smiling. I write daily because I have no other responsibilities. I have children but they are school aged. I don’t have to clean. Pretty much I cook and that is it. So idle hands….type. 😉 I look forward to knowing you better.


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