Another Year

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A sobering reality that I once heard and has first hand experienced is that “in a fast moving world the fastest way to move backward is by standing still.” To this date, one year ago Mia-Cara and I moved into our first home. Coming from a disadvantaged background in South Africa, we never thought that this would be possible. But, too our surprise, the process took place hassle free and now one year later, we can only say, “wow! has time flown!”


I think another response that I would have is how often I have underestimated myself and even us as a couple for what is possible in this life. Sure, we cannot control outcomes or even predict them but it doesn’t mean that we should not attempt to achieve what we often deem impossible. So how does the quoted statement fit in with this scenario?


Today, we have different challenges to that which we have had one year ago. Challenges that often bring about a sort of paralysis which does not just numb limbs but also hopes and dreams. I, as a person, am often not afraid of the unknown or adventure. I would generally respond as they say in the Lion King, “laugh in the face of danger,” but right now I am faced with the opposite. I am wondering, have I become tame? Have my added responsibilities matured me by forcing me to look at a bigger picture before making any decisions or even leaping? Or have my dreams changed from what I used to have as a boy? I am uncertain as to the answers of these questions, all that I know is that I still have my boyish dreams, still have a wild side (I know those that know me is probably laughing) and somehow the added responsibilities have made me more adventurous.


What I think the problem is that now more than ever, I lack PATIENCE. I have become eager, sometimes even anxious because I know there are only so many hours in a day and so many days in a life. And time is not moving, it is flying. And the world is changing. And I am changing. And Change is changing at a pace of dizzying proportions. Soon… it will be another year.


And while all this might sound depressing and morbid, I find comfort in the reality that I am moving and not on my own. Moving through life with someone who can be a witness to the happenings that had made the journey easier, pleasant, more exciting. That we together are being witnessed by an even greater being, that our lives don’t go unnoticed.


So, then, here’s to another year…


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