Busy? Me?

So, I haven’t blogged for a while, I might say that I’m busy, but when it comes down to actually penning it down on paper, then I can’t really call that being busy. But what exactly is being busy? A simple definition would be, “having a great deal to do.” So then it does explain the reality that if I had a great deal to do and there is nothing much to show for it then obviously I haven’t been doing a great deal much! So, then is that busyness or wasting time? But what is wasting time? A nice definition would be “Use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose”. But I know that what I have been doing has not been a carelessness of my time, energy or resources. So then my final question would be, “What have I been doing?”

I think, these questions only matter when there is a backlog of items to address, chores to be done, deadlines to meet and an endless list of “to do’s”. It is only when we reflect on these that these questions become pressing. So ultimately, you should be asking, “of what value do these lists of to do’s have to my personal well-being and if I don’t do them, what would the consequences be?”

So, for me…. let’s just say I will be needing to get busy, but like the cartoon below says, “I don’t have time to be this busy”.

Weekend or Weakend?

So it’s that time of the week when most people wind down. Except when you are in the ministry. For some strange reason the weekend tends to be the busiest time for those involved in ministry. And if you are bi-vocational, it also means you will be sacrificing some rest time as well as family time. So there are two huge sacrifices asked of us.

The results of these sacrifices?

Firstly, there is no time to rest. If anyone has been in ministry you know that preparation doesn’t end when you put the pen down. It continues up until the actual event and often times lingers on beyond the striking of the clock. So one tends to move from a busy week to a busy weekend back into a busy week. No wonder people in ministry are tired!

Secondly, because of the busyness in the week, family time is usually on the weekend but if you followed point one closely you will see that yet again there will not be any or much family time. So in this sense, family time has been sacrificed for ministry time.

Finally, with all this busyness how does one reflect and meditate on personal matters? Because whatever free time you will now have, will be taken to fill up with either family time or rest. So how do we keep refreshed when there is no time for that?

But to add further injury to the above is the confusion and guilt that comes with all of these.

Firstly, if we don’t “DO” ministry then we tend to feel guilty in letting the Lord down when in actual fact we are afraid of letting the church down and what their responses and opinions might be of us.

Secondly, we feel guilty for once again making our family secondary to that of a ministry, which is a misplaced guilt feeling. And although we know it but choose to rationalise it, our families begin resenting our shallow commitment to them and our increased commitment to the church and other people.

Finally, we just start hating our calling and the place we find ourselves in because it all just tends to spiral out of control. We begin experiencing burnout, escapism from the ministry, family break-down and personal devotion with God starts waning.

What’s your weekend/weakend like?