I love where I am

I know that one of the rules of blogging is to blog frequently in order to build your readership pool. Let me be the first to say that I fail miserably in that area.

So this is making up for lost time.

Much has happened since I last blogged and sometimes feel like it might be a bit beyond my ability to respond effectively to it. I’ve had a change of employment which resulted in a change of residence from one province to another. I’ve relocated from the beautiful and heavenly Cape Town to Pretoria (I’ve purposefully not included any adjectives here because I’m yet to decide on it).

The transition from Cape Town to Pretoria was easier than I thought it would be, however, the leaving behind of family and everything that is sentimental and of value has been difficult even though it’s only 1600km or a 2 hour flight away. The saying really is true, “absence does make the heart grow fonder”. Yet I am also discovering the other truth to that in out of sight becomes out of mind. But I do miss family and friends. And my crazy and hyperactive with huge amounts of personality dog (I had to leave her behind but am grateful that she is with people who is as crazy as she is). I miss the sight of the majestic Table Mountain always reminding me of where I am and a constant reminder that the world does not revolve around me. I miss the roar of the ocean at night when I would lay my head on the pillow. I miss the fresh smell of the sea breeze that would be my daily companion. I miss the sight of the different shades of blue of the ocean as I would step out of my front door. I miss the Capetonion Taxi “gaatjie” shouting “Etlone, Mowbray, Kaaap” and the hawker on the street trying to sell his ware and the informal scarp collector with his horse and cart shouting words that even after all these years I cannot decipher. I miss the simplicity and security of just knowing where I am.

I understand Janet Jackson’s song more intimately, “you don’t what you’ve got until it’s gone”.

But with all that said, I am glad that I have a person with me who is part of this journey, a witness to my struggles, to my life, to my journey and I in turn a witness for her. It really does make things worthwhile, meaningful and bearable when you can share all these with someone who has your complete interest at heart and does not wade in the river of judgement and disappointment when you spill your hearts song. I am grateful I have with me a person who knows, understands and sees the struggle I endure. She makes it perfect.

So with all that is said and done, I love where I am.

us in pta