Time is Money?

Back to the film “In Time.” The concept of time and its various aspects has really got me thinking and has me engaged in some strange questions about what does time really mean?

Today I want to challenge the “Time is Money” adage.

What does that mean? Time is money! I mean if we all have time, and we do, then why is money not a common denominator for all? Is money directly tied into how productive we are as people? If it is, then why do some of the most productive people on this earth still lack money? This type of scenario leads me to the reality that the value of our time is decided by others, due to the value of any commodity usually being decided by the populace (what they are willing to pay or not, and usually the seller adjusts the pricing of his commodity to satisfy the client), so who decides the value of another persons time? Is it the one whose time has more value than the next? I mean how did their time become more valuable than another in the first place?

Is money supposed to be understood as physical Rands and Cents (that is South African currency, if you not local). Does it mean that every second has a monetary value attached to it? If it is then does it mean we are squandering our wealth when we engaged in recreational activities? Is that the reason so many people can’t get their minds off work?

Is it a healthy thing to think of time as money? Is that what God really intended our time to be? Is it about how much money we can cram into every second and milk it for all its worth? Maybe, just maybe time really isn’t money but something much more valuable. What if the time we have is not about measuring or adding to the size of our bank accounts, but by measuring and adding to our existence with every second that we have? The sad thing is often times those seconds pass us by without us even blinking our eyes. Every second does count, but what is the value we attach to it? Did God create time to merely measure time, seasons, a beginning and end of our limited and finite lives here on earth? What if time here on earth was to expose us to something greater than amassing wealth or by drowning ourselves in misery due to the many lacks we have in life inflicted by the pressures of those who claim to posses the economic powers due to their time?

Time is not money. Time is a gift. Time is life. Time is existence. Time is now. And no amount of money can add or subtract any value from that. The question remains is, who adds and determines the value of your time?

So, what is your time worth?