Sms/Texting: a 100% open rate

I have been inundated with spam sms’s or text messages. It annoys the living day lights out of me. The problem is that I don’t know it’s spam until I open it. The truth of this matter is that an sms/text has a 100% open rate. Every sms/text received, whether it’s spam or not, is read. Whether people respond to it or not is another matter. I often wonder what the life span of the texting industry will be, but all I know is that while it is here, it is effective because it gets the recipient to read it. So if you want someone to get your message, sms/text them, they will definitely read it.  How people respond depends entirely how one uses sms/texting.


Here’s an interesting Ted Talk on a social response to harnessing the power of the sms/text.

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