Time is Power?

Something I alluded to in the previous post on “Time is Money” is the concept that Time is Power.

Now the most basic definition, according to wiki, of power is the rate at which energy is transferred, used, or transformed. Though the power I would like to refer to is not the mathematical definition but one that is philosophical, the power that we are more aware of and see on a daily basis. The definition of power as a measurement of an entity’s ability to control its environment, including the behavior of other entities.

I’ve noticed at work, as I’m sure many of you may have noticed, that deadlines are killers. If deadlines are not met then we can land ourselves into some serious trouble. What always irritates me of deadlines is how unreasonable most of them are. Surely the one who enforces deadlines should consider those who have to meet them. I mean what are the criteria for setting deadlines?

Do people set deadlines because they like the sound of a certain date? Are deadlines a convenience for the one who sets it? I mean, I want to go away for a week-end and therefore I want a deadline to be one week prior so that I can enjoy myself? Do we that have to meet deadlines even have a choice in the matter? I think in that type of scenario highlights a hierarchy, a structure of authority and power.

The person, or entity, that sets the deadline is the one with the power. Power over my time, power over my situation, and power over me. How do we release ourselves from such an entity that has such control? It does remind me of “The Matrix” where people are slaves and don’t even have a realisation of their bondage to the powers that be.

I guess in a similar light, I need to consider in my life, what are some of the deadlines that I face? The average lifespan is 70 years, and yet, the limited time that we have is enforced and abused by so many people who only considers what is best for them. How much of your time is really your own? How much of your time is really used for what is important?

Who ultimately is the one who has power over your time? Power over you? Maybe it’s time to be released from that, don’t you think?

So…. Who has the power?

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