Life Is Short…And People Die Of Cancer!

So I’ve been watching Greys Anatomy over this week-end and it’s as addictive as always. With the themes of life; death; friendships; relationships; betrayal; hope; personal introspections and struggles continually up in your face, though I do sometimes wonder why it has to take media to hit home these messages?

But why did I choose this particular title? Because there is nothing more sobering than loss and death. It is only in the face of losing do we find real value of what we have, which we often take for granted. I guess the question is not so much about what we have that we should treasure more but about what we stand most at risk of losing due to neglect? So, what is the one thing (yes, I know it’s not as simplistic as defining that one thing because we are more complex than a single one thing that can define us) that you take most for granted that when it is gone, you have lost much?

  • If life is so fragile, then why do people live as if it’s not? Is it because of the fragility of life that life is lived recklessly? Or maybe it’s the go big or go home mentality? Sometimes  that mentality does more harm than good.
  • If life is defined by brevity, then why do we put off the inevitable? Does the brevity make us want to hedge ourselves in and shield us from the dangers and risks out there? Sometimes playing it safe robs us from the opportunities that life has to offer. Sometimes we miss big when we risk small.
  • If choices have to be made, why procrastinate? Why? When we choose not make our own choices in life, it is usually made and decided by other people, who often do not have your best interest at heart. So why not choose? But when you choose allow the fragility and the brevity of life to be your plumb-line.

If life is short and people die of cancer,

why allow life to simply pass you by?

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