A first step

Oh no! Not another blog!

Hey, we all want to save the world and in the process we want it documented. We all want to go down in history being remembered for something, a legacy, an invention, even better if we are known while we are still breathing. We want to start movements (hopefully not cults). We want to be millionaires (so freakin bad! I know it’s a bit cheesy), travel the world and maybe even end world poverty. We might even wish we were the Steve Jobs, the Zuckerbergs, the ones who made it big and had the rest of us ordinary people drooling from gaping mouths wishing it was us. We want to live and let the world know about it (and don’t say that’s not true of you. I’m sure you have a Facebook account or even Twitter a blog site or whatever other social site is out there). This may sound conceited or even self absorbed, maybe it is, but if my voice can make a difference (in constructing or deconstructing) or even be part of a larger community, a small community, any community, then now is the time.

So, this is my voice…


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