Crazy Youth Pastors!

Youth ministry is for crazy people! It’s for stupid people! Because who in their right mind will accept a calling, a job where the pay is barely enough to get you through the month? Who wants to be in a job where you are constantly in trouble for breaking a window? For staining the carpet? Who wants to be in a job when something goes wrong then it has to be the youth pastor! Who wants constant critique and ridicule? Who constantly wants to be disrespected and put down because that is just not the way to do ministry?

Who in their right minds would want to do something like that for the rest of their lives? You have to be down right crazy and out of your mind!

But that is the type of person that belongs in youth ministry. When reaching that young person for Christ is more important than your pay and when the respect that you deserve cannot compare to sharing and being with a young person who just experienced abuse and heart-ache and rejection and loneliness and fear and who has no self-esteem. Youth ministry is for the person who says for the sake of the gospel and reaching that young person I will stick it out. Young people don’t care about your background or how old you are. They only care that you care.

You see, youth ministry is about passion! It’s about Jesus calling a broken person to go and be with other broken people. It’s about the person who laughs in the face of challenges and who is not afraid to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. It is for the person where no challenge is too great and no young person is too far to be reached.

Youth ministry is for crazy people. It is for stupid people. It’s for broken people. It’s for real people. It’s for people who won’t give up. It’s for people who have been called of God. Because God calls such people for such a generation that need real people!

I saw this video on McLane‘s blog. Have a look and enjoy the passion that comes with youth ministry.

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