Our Failure as an Adult Community

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New law to ban spanking? When has the disciplining of children and violence become so confused with each other that government agencies had to intervene? When legislature has to inform parents of how parenting is to be done, then parents have failed in their tasks of the socialisation of our youth.

While it may be important to have proper legislature in place for the protection of the innocent and vulnerable, I have to wonder why that legislature came into place in the first instance?┬áThe very adults that are to protect the innocent and vulnerable have abused them. It’s no wonder our youth feels abandoned by the adult world. The outcome of these abuses will only be negative and the cycle of distrust of our youth toward the adult will only deepen and when we fail to create a safe place in the adult world, the youth will create their own.

If you are an adult and are asking,

  • “What has become of our youth?”
  • “Why do our young people do what they do?”
  • “There is little hope for our young people!”

The answer that comes to my mind is that our young people no longer have the guidance and nurture of the adult community to help them navigate through this tumultuous time of adolescence.

So do I welcome this law? I welcome anything that will be beneficial to help our young people. Maybe when adults learn to be adults again and not abscond their responsibilities to our young, will we not need such legislature.images

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