So who am I?

I’m just a guy on a journey, a journey that has found meaning and purpose in Jesus Christ.

I grew up on the Cape Flats with three other brothers. My parents were always supportive and extremely over protective of us. I attended Vanguard Primary and Cathkin Senior Secondary Schools. Living on the Cape Flats, I have witnessed one too many fights, robbery, and abuse of some kind. I’ve evaded and fled one too many gangster and bully in my life. I’ve seen too much of poverty, brokenness, and hopelessness in my community and family. But, I have experienced that there is always hope.

I have been involved in some form of youth ministry since the age of 17 where I first came to know the passionate love and grace of Jesus Christ at the Silvertown Baptist Church in Athlone, Cape Town. I eventually responded, to what I believed, was a call of God to youth ministry. At that time I did not think it would end up as a vocation with so many experiences, both good and bad. I eventually enrolled for theological studies at the Cape Town Baptist Seminary in 2000 where I have completed my undergraduate degree. I then pursued and completed a Masters Degree in theology at the University of Pretoria while working in retail in the book industry.  I eventually enrolled for my doctoral studies in practical theology, which I completed in 2016, also through the University of Pretoria. The focus of my studies was on youth ministry, in particular, the office of the youth pastor.

I am married to an amazing woman, Mia-Cara. We met at a church youth group, Emmanuel Baptist in Manenberg. Together, we love the outdoors (well she doesn’t really like tent camping – but I’m working on that one), eating out at restaurants and watching movies (when we have money, which is a rare commodity, and when we never had a daughter who now governs our lives). Life is awesome because of her.macey

We have two children. The one, named Macey, a dog that I rescued one evening returning from youth. She has an amazing personality and keeps us on our toes. She loves barking, especially at 2am when we trying to get our beauty sleep and she enjoys running and making a mess of everything. In short, she is a complete nightmare but we love her. Our lives would be less fun without her. Unfortunately, we had to leave her in the care of my brothers when we had to relocate from Cape Town to Pretoria where I accepted a position as lecturer at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in the discipline of Practical Theology.

My second child is biological. Isabella Mia was born on the 2 February 2015 in Pretoria, although, she will always support the Stormers or be disinherited from the family. Isabella, in a sense, has changed my life more than anything else, and more particularly, my sleeping patterns.

So, these are some of my stops along the way. I hope you will be enchanted by the scenery and the many pit stops, which I call life…


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