Where Oh Where Can They Be?????

So I had a visit to Hillsongs Church in Century City on Sunday, to see what is happening there and yes to worship God (just in case you think I am a heathen haha). I was pretty amazed and experienced a bit of a culture shock coming from a traditional Baptist church in a poor and crime ridden “coloured” area. Wow! I felt like I stepped into alternate universe. It was all pretty amazing.


Part of my reason was why are we (Baptist churches in this case) losing so many young people and young adults to the independent Christian churches and centres. It is always awesome to see the younger generations active in worship and committing their lives to Christ and I would have it at any church that preaches and practices the unadulterated Gospel message. But in relation to where I am I have to ask the question, are we doing anything wrong (and there are many things)? Or are they doing something right (and I saw plenty of things that made me understand what is so appealing)? And while I don’t want this to seem like an us versus them battle, for effective and relevant ministry these are questions one has to ask (I believe).


How can we (as Baptists) meet the needs of young people and not see the mass exodus from our churches? What are the questions that young people are asking that we are not even hearing (or are willing to hear)?