Part of the Whole

Let’s face it, people do not enjoy or want to talk money. But I thought about this concept for a while now and it’s a bit close to my heart.

So unemployment is high and there are many families without enough money for a loaf of bread. Inflation continues to soar and salaries remain at a constant level (should I say low-level). So who has extra cash flow? Definitely not me.

But is that enough reason to not make any effort or contribution in creating opportunities for employment or progress by giving?

I’m referring to a concept called “Crowdfunding” which is “the collective cooperation by people who network and pool their money together” for a purpose or goal. Zuckerberg calls it a “Gift Economy” and it is when a person gives something and not necessarily money to a person who is less fortunate and they in return give to another, either out of gratitude or obligation. In other words we, you and I take responsibility in creating opportunities or wealth for the next person and generation. Now I’m not promoting socialism or communism, I’m speaking about we create a better opportunity for someone and thereby create a ripple effect, a sort of paying it forward.

Let me give an example of a personal nature. A church wants to employ a youth pastor but is unable to afford a salary, though there is a great benefit of having one on the staff role. So 100 people (and there are way more than 100 Christians around and it doesn’t necessarily have to be from the same church or even denomination) each give R100 a month, that would be a salary of R10 000.00. Quite fascinating wouldn’t you say? I mean many times I spend R100 so indiscriminately that I am unable to recall what I spent it on.

I’m not saying lets all go and pay for youth pastors. But what about supporting social entrepreneurs like ICP or RLabs or YFC or SU or assist a young person who wants to begin his or her own business but doesn’t have the capital or collateral to secure financing. Get in touch with your church or community or check out websites like GivenGain or 1% Club. By giving a R100 we created the opportunity of employment and wealth that is infinite. We can no longer live on our own little islands, that time has passed.

So think about it?  Why not get involved in a small way and have your voice be heard and be Part of the whole!

This is my voice…


A first step

Oh no! Not another blog!

Hey, we all want to save the world and in the process we want it documented. We all want to go down in history being remembered for something, a legacy, an invention, even better if we are known while we are still breathing. We want to start movements (hopefully not cults). We want to be millionaires (so freakin bad! I know it’s a bit cheesy), travel the world and maybe even end world poverty. We might even wish we were the Steve Jobs, the Zuckerbergs, the ones who made it big and had the rest of us ordinary people drooling from gaping mouths wishing it was us. We want to live and let the world know about it (and don’t say that’s not true of you. I’m sure you have a Facebook account or even Twitter a blog site or whatever other social site is out there). This may sound conceited or even self absorbed, maybe it is, but if my voice can make a difference (in constructing or deconstructing) or even be part of a larger community, a small community, any community, then now is the time.

So, this is my voice…