A Day at the Day Hospital

If any is familiar with day hospitals in Cape Town, then you will be familiar with waiting and waiting and waiting. It was literally a full days work. We arrived at 7am and left just before 3pm. It was a long and torturous day, but a day with many many lessons learnt. Allow me to just share three of them.


I have learnt that God doesn’t always heal and because he doesn’t come through for you in the way that you would like doesn’t mean he does not care or love you. I have learnt again that sickness is not necessarily a lack of faith or sinning against God. Sickness is a part of life. We get sick, we age, we die. It might be sombre and depressing but it is a reality. We cannot escape the inevitable. A day will come when we will be called home, where will your home be?


Being wise and responsible also means that we need to see medical practitioners (hopefully you will have medical aid for that, poverty can be dehumanizing especially when help is needed) on a regular basis and not just wait for God to heal miraculously. We cannot say if we have not experienced healing was because we lacked faith. I do not always know why God allows us to go through moments of difficulty, pain and trials, but I have always experienced his grace and peace in the midst of it all. God offers us his peace even when it seems foreign and impossible in moments of great trial and loss.


But what I learnt most of all today, is that God affords us only one life. One life to live. One life to love those whom God has given to us. One life to live out the purpose that God has given and not squander it for reasons of fear or indecision or any other reason.


Listen what God says in Joshua 1:9

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.

Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,

for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”


You only live once, live it purposefully, live it intentionally.



Doing God’s will

So Jesus Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemane just before being arrested and going on trial and then to be crucified, was found kneeling and begging God to remove this cup from him. What cup you might ask? The act of dying on the cross for us as humans that it may be possible to have a relationship with God. But he then concludes saying not his will but God’s will be done.


Wow! Jesus asked God for something that was beyond his will and he knew what he was asking for! Sjoe! Isn’t that hectic? I mean we are so hung up on the fact that as people we must always ask God’s will and here Jesus Christ knew he was asking God for something that was not in his will. Sure you might say but in the end he said God’s will be done and not his, he must have conceded that he was wrong. But if he was, why then did he ask God this very thing three times?


I do think that Jesus was overwhelmed by his humanity and his humanity took over at his greatest point of need. I also think he shows that it is okay to ask God for things, anything. We don’t always have to ask according to his will, I mean who knows what God’s will is? Beside us accepting Christ, and becoming like God through worshipping him and the great Commission. What is his will for your life?


God’s will for your life is to become somebody that he wants you to become, whatever that may be. And that there should be no shame when asking Him for things. We should not become or aspire to become something because it is the general Christian belief and that we will be outside of God’s will. If God puts two options, two opportunities before you, what would be his will for you in that matter?


My answer, it doesn’t matter! As long as you have seeked Him in prayer. God has already answered that prayer by giving you the skill, the experience and the desire to pursue either one. Either would be the right decision and nothing would surprise God.


So please, pray before you leap. Don’t wait 40 years before making a decision, you can make the decision. And do not be afraid to ask God what your heart desires.