Kids filmed ‘having sex’


One of the trending articles currently is Kids filmed ‘having sex’ – Yahoo! News South Africa. This article’s context is where the kid’s (age not disclosed) are filmed engaging in sexual intercourse in the classroom, presumably when the class was dismissed (I think). This particular article (at the time of my writing) has been shared 97 times on Facebook, has had 332 comments and obviously many more views than one can imagine. It is not something that one can merely ignore and not ask some fundamental questions.

I, therefore began asking some people their opinions on this particular matter and have received some mixed responses, and some of them unsettling as well:

      • “It’s nothing new”
      • “What age? Oh teenagers? Oh ok.”
      • “Their parents should be shot”
      • “What is this world coming to?”

So what’s my take on this?


What we see happening with our kids is only a reflection of what is happening in our communities. We want our kids to act morally, then maybe, we as a community, should be acting morally! Morality, here, is not a subjective opinion or belief that is embraced by a certain culture or context. Morality, is what is right, pure, true, noble. A recording of two minors engaged in sexual activity, by another minor cannot be “okay” but unfortunately promiscuity has become such a norm that it hardly causes any concern. Morality has become “each to their own.”

This goes even further, in that our communities are comprised of families, so ultimately, we have to look at the family unit and ask ourselves the question of what moral lessons are we teaching and transferring to our kids. While kids will be kids, ultimately, proper moral lessons taught will stick in the face of challenges and pressures (Proverbs 22:6). These lessons to be taught are not merely oral rules and regulations but that which is enacted by those who are responsible for imparting them (Deuteronomy 6). Obviously, families are no longer as stable as what we would want to believe, and does have its challenges in the raising of kids.

Parents and guardians should also take the time in educating our youth not just on morality but on the dangers of social media, peer pressures, emotional destruction and blackmail and consequences of present actions for future results. Ultimately, we, the adults, are and will continue to be the moral agents who will educate our youth on what to do and not to do.

Like the old adage goes, “monkey see monkey do.” What are we monkeys doing that our little ones are repeating?