Easter Eggs and Buns and Pickled Fish and…

Here’s a rehash of a 2012 post on Easter.

While the Easter festival might be steeped in pagan history and the roots might be nowhere close to Christian, it does not negate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So while hot cross buns (whether it has the cross in the center or not due to political correctness), pickled fish (if you live on the Cape Flats where you now have to fork out R230 for a snoek which is crazy because it normally costs around R60-R80 each), Easter eggs and even the Easter bunny might have nothing to do with why we celebrate, does any of those then nullify or detract from what actually happened and what it means?

The day that Jesus Christ died (be it whatever day), was to free us from the bondage of the power of sin. And his resurrection from the dead was to free us from the power of death. And yes, no amount of rituals, chocolate, fish, or resistance to the various expressions of our modern society will satisfy what really happened. Is it then so bad to have symbols and reminders of that great event? I think more than ever that there is an important place for rituals and symbols and even the creating of new ones as we remember and participate in this, the most important event of the Christian calendar. The only problem is that we run the risk of the rituals and symbols becoming more important than the event.

Don’t lose focus of the big picture which is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as an expression of love.